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Walking from the carpark towards the very regal looking Killashee Hotel, it is impossible not to appreciate the undisturbed surroundings. Secluded grounds that are maintained to a very high standard surround this beautiful Victorian building. A bicycle rack, filled with colourful bikes ready to go for anyone wishing to explore the grounds add a lovely family friendly feel. Even more family friendly is the sight of fairy doors indicating a trail throughout the grounds, the perfect excuse to get out in the fresh air for some family fun.  An indoor fairy woodland for the younger guests to enjoy when the weather doesn’t permit outside exploring is another cute little addition to this very family friendly hotel. As we made our way to reception to check in it is clear to see Killashee Hotel is a busy hotel. A large wedding is taking place along with what appeared to be a number of family gatherings for birthdays and anniversaries.

We check in with ease and start the journey towards our room, our sense of direction was not at its peak that day and we got lost but a lovely member of the housekeeping staff helped us out and made sure we found our way. Our room was on the ground floor even though we had to take the lift to floor three, as floor three is where all the rooms link from, a little more obvious direction would definitely be useful when lifts are out of order.

Settling into our sizeable room which housed all of the necessities ( apart from air conditioning – but again a member of the housekeeping staff sorted a fan for us so all was fine). Cool tones of creams and sage greens make the room a nice spot to relax and unwind in.

We had hoped to book Turners Restaurant for dinner, unfortunately this was not to be as we were advised Turners only opens on Saturdays and that we would be dining in The Bistro. Taking our seats in this thriving hotel bar we were lucky to be able to secure a table. The Bistro seems to be as popular with locals as it is with residents, a very good indication of the level of cooking and service on offer.

Executive Head Chef, Phillip Geeson has curated a menu to suit all tastes. After a short perusal of the menu we decided on Silverhill Duck Liver Parfait €9.50 and Teriyaki Chicken Wings €9.95. We originally wanted to order the Confit Pork Belly and Thai Prawn Salad but were advised that both had already sold out for the evening. When we say this place is thriving we are not exaggerating, neither of us can recollect the last time we ordered a dish to be advised it was sold out, never-mind two!

The Parfait arrived artfully styled. A superb velvety texture with two chunks of toasted crusty brioche. Confit Egg Yolk added an even deeper richness with a Black Grape Salsa adding that necessary lift and balancing the plate very nicely indeed.

Chicken wings are one of those offerings that we both enjoy but never really order. Throwing caution to the wind and letting our hair down for some Friday night treats we were more than happy with the succulent, sticky teriyaki wings. A quick scan of the room highlighted that many other diners were also enjoying this tasty treat.

Our wine choice was very quickly decided upon, where there is a Montepulciano, there are two glasses with our names on them. A beautiful bottle of Torre Dei Beati was sipped and savoured to the fullest.

Having missed out on the pork starter we were thrilled to be advised that the Special for the evening was in fact Pork Belly, opting for that and the Sweet Potato & Lentil Dahl €15.00 we were excited when both dishes landed on our table. Both dishes served in hearty portions. Juicy pork belly with a cracking layer of crackling sat on top of a bed of the most utterly decadent creamy mash. Not  a scrap remained on this plate of pleasure. The Sweet Potato & Lentil Dahl was so wholesome. Fragrant and flavourful, this is the type of dish we always wish we could recreate at home, so comforting and tasty. The fact that our gorgeous Montepulciano went so fabulously well with our dishes made this a really lovely Friday night dining experience.

Finishing off with a dessert to share, we went for the Milk Chocolate & Sea Salt Tart €7.95. Served with a stunning Espresso Ice cream, every spoonful was an absolute delight.

A nightcap at the bar, which had a lively musician in for the night sent us on our way to bed. After a busy week, this was a great way to spend a Friday evening. We can see Killashee suiting so many people, from couples of all ages, to groups of friends, to families. Everyone is catered for in this luxurious hotel.



Co. Kildare

 +353 45 879277



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