Ireland’s Number 1 hand cooked crisp brand is adding two much-loved O’Donnells flavours to their Crinkle Cut Furrows range

O’Donnells, Ireland’s most awarded crisps brand, has mastered the art of producing premium-quality, delicious hand cooked crisps over the past thirteen years.

Launched in 2021, the O’Donnells Crinkle Cut Furrows range has fast become a fan favourite. This delectable range of crinkle cut crisps, inspired by the deep grooves of the furrows ploughed on the family farm in Tipperary, deliver even more unbeatable taste and crunch fans of the brand know and love. The extra deep ridges of the crinkle cut crisp pack even more of the delicious O’Donnells flavour into each bite, creating an unbelievable taste sensation.

Now, O’Donnells are adding two much-loved flavours to the Crinkle Cut family – Ballymaloe Relish & Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream & Onion.

Already one of the most popular flavours in the main range, Ballymaloe Relish and Cheddar Cheese brings together two Irish greats to create something spectacular. O’Donnells have managed to pefectly blend the tangy taste of Ballymaloe Relish with the creamy hit of Irish cheddar to bring you a crisp like no other.

O’Donnells Crinkle Cut Furrows Sour Cream & Onion are an expertly seasoned blend of tangy sour cream, with the delicate taste of spring onion, combined to bring you a sophisticated, balanced take on a classic.

O’Donnells Crinkle Cut Furrows are now available in four mouth-watering flavours: Ballymaloe Relish & Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion, Mature Cheddar & Red Onion and Irish Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt.

The O’Donnells crisps range are always gluten free with no artificial colours or flavours and no MSG/GM ingredients.O’Donnells Crinkle Cut Furrows are available in 50g single serve and 125g share bags, they are the perfect snack to relish alone or to share with family and friends. O’Donnells are working to reduce the environmental impact of packaging waste and are making significant reductions on the amount of film used across all of their range.

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