Leisurely brunching with friends may be on hold for now but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this frivilous favourite weekend treat at home.

Ely Wine Bars, like so many of their industry peers are dizzy from the constant need to ‘pivot’ and adapt to all that 2020 has thrust at us. Renowned for their exquisite wine lists and delicious dishes Erik, Michelle and their fantastic team have continuously strived to bring their unique style and flair to their dine at home options in these unusual times.

We have enjoyed LovEly at home more than once this year and every time the quality of the food coupled with incredible customer service is a pure joy. Delivering within a 50k radius of Maynooth, Ely have been busy brightening up many dining tables this year.

Spotting the Ely Brunch Box on Instagram, no convincing was needed. We phoned in our order and arranged to collect on Saturday morning in line with the weekly shop so no rules were broken in the collection of this brunch!

This brunch box can comfortably feed three, if not four people. One large house granola pot with yoghurt, honey, apple compote and blueberries tasted far more indulgent than it should. Buttery scones with jam and cream were frevishly devoured.

We pretty much got an entire day of eating out of this feast. Two large brioche bun breakfast baps filled with juicy sausages, eggs and a deliciously tangy relish. We heated these for about 6 minutes at 180 and they were perfect.

The Ely Sausage Roll is a thing of beauty. A mega meaty filling with the addition of some spicy chorizo all wrapped up in delicious flaky pastry.

A hearty slice of Quiche and a Vegetable Pie (meat option available) complete the savoury section of this carefully curated box of treats. Pastry perfection is to the fore for sure in this brunch.

Wonderfully light Madelines, Eccles Cakes and the most delectable chocolate brownies brought this brilliant brunch to a wonderfully sweet end.

When you order a Bruch Box from Ely you also receive a takeaway coffee and 10% off any wines you wish to purchase. This 10% was far too good to pass up on, so we happily picked up a couple of bottles of our favourites.

This is a Brunch at Home offering that we highly recommend. It was such an enjoyable way to mark the weekend at a time when every day just seemed to merge into the next. We hope you too enjoy if you try!


ELY Wine Store
Convent Lane,
01 504 3709

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