Moutai Ireland had a lot of fun in Taste of Dublin last year. To show their love to all spirits fans, they have planned even more fun and excitement this year!!

Catch Moutai Ireland at Feature G1 & Moutai Garden and revel in an exciting day of Moutai and cocktail tastings, games and prizes. As well as their “must-go” selfie spot with adorable backdrop and props for your snaps and chats! What’s more, two bespoke Moutai Cocktails will be featured at the Main Bar & VIP Bar for cocktail lovers! 

An Ultimate Spirits and Cocktails Tasting Experience

Fancy something special? Moutai drinks will definitely fit the bill. We’ll be serving up samples of two tasty Moutai Cocktails and of course Moutai liquor in neat at our stand. Come and enjoy a sip of these amazing drinks!

MOUTAI FLYING FAIRY – the silky legendary baijiu that has a recipe long regarded as one of the best in China and counted among the finest spirits around the world. Each bottle takes a production cycle of five years making every drop of Moutai more fragrant, softer and more delicate.

 MOUTAI PRINCE – a Jiang Fragrance baijiu which succeeds the excellent quality of the Moutai Flying Fairy. Characterized by its fresh and sweet aroma including apple and pear, Prince can be consumed neat or as amazing cocktail mixes.

 RASPBERRY KICKER – a sweet and spicy drink created by The Bartender Project that will add a kick to your summer.

 BLOSSOM DREAMS – a Moutai cocktail created by Matheus Bonora.  Delicate and full of flavours, this Moutai cocktail will give you the summer vibes without breaking a sweat.  

Taste the Legendary Spirit at the Bars in Taste of Dublin

An incomparable freshness coming from the distinctive citrus taste of Bespoke Moutai Cocktails will surely spark your day at the Taste of Dublin festival. Get yours at the main bar and VIP bar!


Based on the traditional recipe of Lychee Martini, Moutai Prince creates a softer touch with more floral flavour making it delicious like no others. The sweetness of Lychee is well balanced with the added lemon juice without overwhelming its taste. A perfect combination for a hot summer day!


A citrus twist from the popular Red Queen cocktail, Moutai Prince emphasizes the sweet notes of the cranberry fruit in the version of The Red Prince. A wonderful combination of elderflower syrup and lime juice gives the cocktail a perfect sparkling freshness, which will not disappoint you! 

What are you waiting for? Grab the tickets now and we’ll see you there!


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