The first release from istil 38 comes in three expressions: istil 38 Pot Still Irish Vodka, istil 38 Pot Still Pink Berries Vodka, and istil 38 Pot Still Vanilla Vodka, all hand-crafted in Ireland and designed to be enjoyed neat or mixed into long serves or cocktails.

April 27, 2022 Now more than ever, sustainability, supporting local businesses, and the sourcing of ingredients nearest to home is something more and more of us aspire to. And while vodka may not be the first spirit that comes to mind when one thinks of Ireland, it is among the most popular among Irish consumers. Today sees the launch of a premium, hand-crafted Irish vodka for those looking for a pure, delicious, and sustainable alternative to their usual choice of spirit.

Produced in Ireland in a traditional 500-litre copper pot still using grain spirit and natural spring water, istil 38 is slow distilled four times, which leaves the vodka so pure that it needs no further filtration, resulting in a highly finessed quality and a soft, velvety mouthfeel.

istil 38 (38% ABV) has three expressions in its range: a classic vodka and two flavours – Pink Berries and Vanilla. And while the distillation method may be traditional, each istil 38 iteration is designed to be enjoyed with thoroughly modern serves, whether mixed into a long drink or blended into one of the world’s most beloved cocktails.

The classic istil 38 Pot Still Irish Vodka is smooth and rich enough to enjoy neat but also works wonderfully mixed with soda and fresh lime. istil 38 Pot Still Pink Berries Vodka is flavoured with Irish berries to give it a fruity sweetness that pairs beautifully with citrus tonic waters. And istil 38 Pot Still Vanilla Vodka is crafted with Madagascan vanilla and its recipe was specifically formulated to be the ideal base for two of the world’s most popular cocktails – the Espresso Martini and the Pornstar Martini.

istil 38 is the first product release the new Irish vodka brand, created by drinks industry veterans Shane Davey, working with John Reynolds and Niall O’Dwyer. They are joined by successful businesswoman and lifestyle guru Pippa O’Connor Ormond, who’s invested in the brand and taken on the role of creative director.

“I’m very excited about the prospects of being a brand owner and creative director of istil 38 Pot Still Irish Vodka,” says Pippa O’Connor Ormond. “In terms of sales, vodka is the biggest spirit in Ireland. With istil 38, our ambition is to show people that we have a premium Irish alternative to the industrially produced multinational brands. We make it through traditional means, but our sensibilities for the serves are firmly in the modern era.”

“We wanted to create a forward-thinking Irish vodka, for people who always seek the best,” says istil38 managing director Shane Davey. “They know life is short, and our time for pleasure and indulgence is even shorter. So we’ve dedicated ourselves to handcrafting this ultimate vodka for those whose time is at a premium.”

Sustainability is at the heart of istil38’s mission. From the beginning, the brand has committed to being a carbon neutral company and is proud to be officially partnered with Hometree, with whom they are working to establish and conserve permanent and native woodland in Ireland. Five cent from every bottle of istil 38 will be donated to the charity. The istil 38 bottle, meanwhile, was chosen for its shape and weight, which means less CO2 emissions when transporting.

istil 38 Pot Still Irish Vodka, istil 38 Pot Still Pink Berries Vodka and istil 38 Pot Still Vanilla Vodka, RRP €36 each for 70cl, are available now in all independent off-licences nationwide as well as online with free home delivery from

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