The temptation to buy the latest kitchen gadgets and gizmos can be hard to avoid. Whilst certain fads are sure to come and go there are definitely some staple items that have earned a place in every well stocked kitchen.

You will know yourself what works best for you depending on the cuisine you like to cook and the ingredients required. We have compiled this fail safe list of kitchen gadgets that will assist in making your favourite dishes all the more achievable.

Potato Ricer 
Imagine a garlic crusher, only bigger. The search for the perfect mash is a lumpy affair, but by putting your potatoes through a ricer you are making your mash light and creamy without having to add a heart attack inducing amount of butter. This gadget is used on a weekly basis in my house and is also great for squashing up other vegetables for soups and purées. 

Pizza Cutter and Serving Board
Pizza night is kind of a big deal and we want our homemade version cut and served restaurant style (the hope is always to make it taste good too, but you know where we are coming from!) This stylish Foxford Pizza Cutter & Serving Board is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It would made a gorgeous house warming present too.

You can purchase from

Definitely one for vegetable fans or the health conscious cook, a spiraliser is a must have gadget. That does mean plenty of them will end up hibernating in a press but if salads and stir fries are popular in your house then this is an affordable gadget that will give your food a quirky element.

Not just a way to finish off your crème brûlées, the handy little torches are also great for crisping up Spanish omelettes, browning meringues and melting marshmallows and chocolate. Honestly you will find yourself making excuses to use it for everything, making sure it is not resigned to the back of a drawer. 

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Kitchen Aid
The first Great British Bake Off scandal of 2015 occurred over the show replacing the trusty Kitchen Aid mixers for a Kenwood version. This is a divisive issue for home chefs as brand loyalty can go back generations but whether you are on team Kitchen Aid or not, a good quality mixer can make the world of difference to so many cooking processes. Keep it simple though, and choose one that is easy to clean. 

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Ice Cream Maker
A must have gadget if you have small ones in the house. So many ice creams are packed full of sugar and artificial ingredients so making your own is a handy way of ensuring the freezer is full of nice treats without the guilt. It is worth noting that Kitchen Aid sell an ice cream making attachment for anyone that already has a Kitchen Aid.

This Cuisinart 2L Ice Cream Maker from is on our wish list.

How many times have you broken a cork with a cheap plastic corkscrew? Quality is key here and investing makes the process so much easier. We like this Le Creuset 2 Step Waiters Opener.

We found our one on

Cheeseboard with Wire
Of course you can just use a knife for your cheeseboard and there are plenty of lovely sets available out there but if you are a cheese fan you need a board with a wire. The novelty alone makes it worth having and it is better than cleaning all the knives. You can also pretend you are a giant cheesemonger.

Smoking Gun
Okay, this is not strictly essential however, it is mega fun ( think Heston Blumenthal level of coolness) and if you enjoy a smokey old fashioned as much as we do, this is the gadget to treat yourself to. Impress your guests at your next dinner party as aside from the aforementioned cocktails this handy tool can be used to add gorgeous depth and flavour to meats, fish, cheeses.

Dough Cutter & Scraper
This simple little gadget is not just for baking purposes. Sure you can use it to divide your loaves but it is also handy for scooping up herbs and other chopped up ingredients. Unless you are a pro and can scoop up all your diced veg with your knife, the scraper makes it easier and cleaner. It can also help in Winter to defrost your windshield. Multitasking points. 

Pasta Machine
Nothing beats fresh pasta and it is so easy to make. Pasta machines are very affordable, easy to clean and so much fun. With just a couple of tools you have the ability to create loads of different pastas and the kids will love getting their hands dirty!

Unless you have the knife skills of Jamie Oliver a mandolin is a great investment for your kitchen. Particularly good for slicing awkwardly shaped vegetables, a mandolin is easy to maintain and quick to use. Just mind your fingers! 

Meat Hammer
If you have a house full of carnivores then you will appreciate tender meat. A pounder or tenderiser is particularly handy in the Summer for BBQ season, but is useful all year round as your meat will absorb marinades better and take less time to cook. 

Salad Spinner
Nobody wants soggy lettuce but sometimes you have to give your leaves a rinse. Instead of waiting for ages for your salad to dry, or patting it down with kitchen paper, just pop it in the spinner and you are ready in no time at all. 

Herb Rocker
If you are happy to save time and use herbs from a packet then don’t invest in this! A ‘mezzaluna’ is for cooks who like to use fresh herbs and spices and either lack the skills or can’t be bothered to use a knife. Perfect for large leaves, smaller sprigs and blending ingredients, a rocker is fun, quick and easy to clean.

Roast Cutting Tongs
Just look at the picture. Do we even need to explain why this is possibly the best invention ever? Purists like your nan won’t like it, but for those who aren’t great at carving (like me) the roast tongs will ensure straight and even slices of meat. Also pretty useful as a regular tongs so it is a multipurpose gadget.

Garlic Gadgets – Peeler, Crusher, Rocker
If you are the type of cook who loves using garlic then you will understand the pain of peeling cloves and cleaning out a crusher. These handy gadgets will speed up your garlic prep, your washing up time and help you keep vampires away.

Fruity Gadgets – Cherry Pitter, Pineapple Corer, Strawberry Huller
There is a large range of gadgets and accessories you can get for streamlining your fruit preparation process. Depending on your preferences some of this will end up sitting in the drawer but they all ensure you can enjoy your favourite fruits without the nasty bits.

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